10 Examples of Additional Charges in Assisted Living

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The old “bait and switch”. Once you get a customer in the door, you can then charge them more than they were expecting to pay. Unfortunately it happens all the time in assisted living as well. Only in assisted living, we are dealing with people… people who aren’t easy to move elsewhere… people who have fixed budgets. It’s just not right. So be careful when you are given a price. Here’s some things to ask about. Make sure that these are included in the price. If they aren’t, ask specifically how they are handled, and what the charges might amount to.

  1. Medication assistance and medication administration.
  2. Incontinence care (not just the actual briefs, but helping with changing).
  3. Assistance with using the toilet.
  4. Assistance with eating.
  5. Assistance to and from the dining room.
  6. Help in the middle of the night.
  7. Checking on every 2 hours.
  8. Activities
  9. Diabetic care
  10. Blood pressure monitoring and tracking