Medications Are Extremely Important

One of the most important aspects to maintaining health as someone ages is managing any medications that they are taking. I have had seniors in my own facilities who were 100 years old and barely took any medications. However I also have had the opposite where they take 15 medications daily. This can easily be one of the most confusing parts of care. It’s extremely important that any medications that are prescribed are taken as prescribed. This is usually a big sign that someone needs some help. If they are missing medications, then it’s time for home care help or assisted living placement. If your loved one is living in a facility or has a private duty agency managing their medications, it’s important that the right protocols be in place to make sure that the company and/or its employees are passing medications properly. The single most important aspect of medications though is follow-up. Are the medications working? If not, what do we do? There’s very few companies who properly understand how to MONITOR medication intake by actively taking notes. That’s extremely important to your loved ones overall health.