Is Their Home Dangerous?

Falling. Everyone’s biggest concern about their loved one as they age is preventing falls. Falls can lead to major injuries, broken hips, memory loss, and worse. So how can you be sure that your loved one is safe from falling? Facilities are generally designed for this purpose, so this article is more directed at people who are trying to stay in their homes with the assistance of private duty home care services.

  1. Is the bathroom safe?
    1. Is the toilet seat raised?
    2. Are there grab bars easily accessible?
    3. Does the floor become slippery when wet?
    4. Is the shower a step in shower, or is there a tub?
    5. Does the shower area have grab bars?
    6. If your loved one is now in a wheelchair, can they safely get in the door and turn in a circle in their wheelchair once inside the bathroom?
    7. If they use a walker, is there enough room for them to use their walker, and back up to the toilet for safety?
  2. Stairs
    1. Are there any areas in the home that have stairs?
    2. If your loved one is becoming forgetful, is it possible for them to wander on to the stairs and fall down them in a confused state?
    3. Is their bedroom on the first floor?
    4. Is there a shower and toilet on the first floor?
    5. Is there enough room overall for you loved one to maneuver throughout the house?
    6. Are there stairs leading into the house? Can a ramp be built for easier access?
    7. In an emergency can your loved one exit the house safely?

Overall, you just need to make sure that it’s a safe environment that makes it unlikely that your loved one will fall easily, or often. Safety first! There are companies who will come out and safety proof your house for an aging loved one. Our members have access to our recommended vendors, as well as discounts on those services too.