Home Care VS Private Duty Home Care

Home care services are provided by a Medicare certified home health care agency. These services are typically paid for by Medicare, and are available to someone when they need physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, other therapies, wound care, or nursing follow-ups. With this type of home care, someone from the home care agency will usually visit twice weekly for about an hour or so. This service also generally only lasts for a short while, usually 6 weeks or less. Home care is a supplement to any consistent care that your loved one needs, and you shouldn’t count on this type of home care services to help your loved one remain in their home. It’s brief periods, and not long-term. If your loved one requires assistance consistently in the home, then you are going to want to hire what’s called a “private duty home care agency”. Private Duty Home Care is when you hire someone to come into your loved ones home and care for them there. Most providers provide services by the hour, and most require at least a 3 hour minimum for the agreement. On average, people may hire a private duty home care agency for 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours at night… or 12 hours during the day… or 12 hours during the night. Schedules can be customized entirely to the needs of the family and their loved one. This is a great service to keep someone in their home for as long as possible, but keep in mind that the time may come when the services either become too expensive, or your loved one requires too much care and assistance to remain in their home safely.