Who Actually Pays for Senior Care?

One of the most confusing aspects of the senior care industry for families is trying to figure out specifically who will pay for their loved ones care. Quite a few people who I meet with and talk with think that Medicare pays for seniors to receive services such as nursing home care, assisted living, and home care as they age. Unfortunately that’s not true. Medicare plays no part in paying for actual hands on care. What Medicare WILL pay for however is rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility (nursing home), doctors visits, prescriptions, physical therapy and other therapies in their own home, medical equipment and some medical supplies. Anyone who is in a nursing home for rehab, Medicare is most likely writing that check on a daily basis.

Medicaid does however have programs that will pay for someones actual care. This can be in a skilled nursing environment (This is the most likely place) or now with the expansion of the Medicaid Waivers program in Michigan, there are quite a few seniors who reside in an assisted living facility with Medicaid paying part of the cost on a monthly basis.

Unfortunately though for most people, assisted living services are a private pay thing paid for out of savings, pensions, and social security money that is coming in. There are plenty of options cost wise, so if your loved one falls in the middle of the system (too high of an income for Medicaid and too low of an income for most facilities) then please reach out to us. Situations like this are where we truly come in handy to our members!