Only in healthcare could we make something so simple as “healthcare at home” so ridiculously complicated. The confusion regarding what home care is, what private duty home care is, and how each of those fit into the equation for your loved ones care is always one that is common when I first meet with a family. Often when I ask a family what their plan is when their loved one comes back home after a nursing home stay, they will respond by telling me that the social worker at the nursing home has set up for home care services. If you’ve been researching this industry on our website, or if you’re already a member, you already know that this answer isn’t a valid one. Why? Because home care that is considered “skilled” and is paid for by Medicare, is a very limited service that isn’t sufficient for a care plan to be built on. These professionals will come once or twice weekly for maybe an hour at a time. They’ll do physical therapy with your loved one. Sometimes occupational therapies, speech therapy, and other such therapies. A nurse is often following their care. The entire purpose of this type of home care is to keep your loved one from being admitted back into the hospital. But again, it’s extremely limited. If you want someone to come spend time with your loved one, make sure that they are taking their medications every day, help them with dressing, cooking, eating, toileting, etc. then you need to hire a private duty home health agency. A “home care” agency that is paid for by Medicare simply won’t provide what you are looking for.