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There is tremendous value in knowing that you aren’t alone. While becoming a member of Caring Completely provides you with the professional expertise that you need to make solid, educated decisions about the care of your loved one, having support from others who are going through the same thing is also extremely important. We utilize our own internal social network for our members to communicate, get to know each other, share stories, and support each other. This is just one additional benefit to becoming one of our valued members here at Caring Completely.


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Whether supporting each other simply through this website, or getting together to support each other in person, having emotional support is extremely important. Caring Completely hosts events around the country where people can get together, learn, talk, and support each other. Our members always receive a discounted rate to any of our conferences.

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You are going to be offered “help” by all kinds of people throughout this process. The truth is, most of them, while probably caring and compassionate, also always have their best interest in mind as well. When someone is judged by how many clients they generate, they aren’t always going to do what’s in the best interest of those potential clients. It becomes a “numbers thing”. From “placement specialists” to home care agencies to assisted living facilities, there are plenty of people who care, and want to help. At the end of the day though, you need someone who ALWAYS has YOUR best interest at heart, and in this situation, you truly do get what you pay for. Any “free” service comes with risks, and is your loved one truly someone you want to take a risk on? Call us, or click on the button below to contact us and ask for our help. We’re affordable, truly work for you and your loved one, and we love what we do!


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We believe in being supportive to those who are supportive to us. We have built our reputation and our businesses in this industry on doing the right things for our residents, clients, and members at all times. To us, community means taking care of each other. Community means supporting each other. Community means that you will always get the best advice, the best recommendations, and the best options, period. We are not financially motivated by any provider to have you pick them. By driving our business this way, you always know that our recommendations have your best interest at heart, and not ours, or anyone else’s! It’s our community, and we believe in doing what’s best for our community!

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As Caring Completely has developed and evolved, we have created what we consider “our family” of members. In our facilities, it is always known that we typically become like family to our residents, and their extended families. The members of Caring Completely are simply no different. We fall in love with the people who we are lucky enough to provide care for. Since family means love, our members and their families become our family.

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We commit to treating everyone with love and respect. We commit to always provide only the best options to families. We commit to being the most honest and transparent company providing options in the senior care industry! We take our commitments seriously and we will not let you down.

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My sister is in great hands. Thanks so much for your help, and for recommending an amazing facility. She hadn’t been eating, and because of the facility you recommended, she’s gained 6 pounds! Thank you thank you!!


There’s peace in knowing that I can always email or chat with someone if something happens with Mom.


I signed up because I was totally lost about what to do with my Mom. She kept saying that she wasn’t going to leave her home, yet she was screwing up medications, and barely eating. The people from Caring Completely helped me work through this, and now Mom is doing great in her new place and I know I can count on you guys to continue being my angels.

Rose Trainor

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