Changing Senior Care In A Positive Way!

  • If someone is too sick for independent living, they shouldn’t live there.
  • If the best facility is around the corner from the family, but a placement company won’t recommend that facility because the facility won’t pay them a commission, that’s wrong.
  • If someone requires too much care to remain in their home, but the home care agency won’t tell the family that because they don’t want to lose the revenue, that’s unethical.
  • If someone is admitted to a facility and promised one price, and then in month two the price goes up by 25%, that’s unacceptable.

The situations above are situations that we run into all the time unfortunately. These things should’t be the case. Money should never trump quality care, and companies should show that they have a responsibility to do what’s right for their residents and clients.

Our mission? Our mission is to restore honesty and transparency to the senior care marketplace. It’s that simple.

Caring Completely is a movement of long-term care professionals working together to change the industry through like-minded providers. If a provider wants to be recommended, they must share and adhere to our standards of quality. Period.