Our Four Main Services

Our membership approach is simple. We want to be able to help you whenever you need help. From an admission into the hospital to the admission into a nursing home for rehab, to the decision for private duty home care or assisted living services, our job is to be an expert resource for you, your family, and your loved one as you go through this tough process. We are a members only business, offering our services exclusively to our members directly. We’ve available on-call for you as well 24/7/365. We utilize an electronic system for managing each and every person we are involved with so that no matter where we are, we can quickly and easily pull up information regarding your loved ones situation. Electronic systems aren’t personal though, so we use that only as a tool that goes along side our personalized service. If you need help and your loved one is starting to exhibit signs of aging/needing help with caring for themselves (or even simple medication reminders), sign up to become a member, and then give us a call so that we can come out and do a free assessment! (available to all of our members once they become a member)


Our affordable monthly membership gives you access to our experts!

Access our Expertise

Start free! Have a question? We can answer it. Need advice? We can surely provide it! Emergency situation? We are on call 24/7/365 to help you whenever and however you need! Consider us your personal “care concierge”! We started this business simply because we felt that families didn’t have the resources they deserved.


Hire us to meet with your family and your loved one to directly assess their situation. FREE FOR PAYING MEMBERS

You deserve the truth

Assessments make it clear where your loved one stands today regarding their needs. We will develop a full plan of care for your loved one, so that your entire family also knows what that plan is as they age and require more assistance. We won’t leave until you are satisfied that all of your questions have been answered.

Care Monitoring

Whether you live by the facility, or in another state, families always question what happens once they leave.

Is it still good?

Our care monitoring service provides you with peace of mind. We will perform random checks on your loved one, their care, review their charts, talk with staff and management, and report back to you our findings. Typically we do this once per month, however it can be more frequently.

Diamond Membership

If you won't settle for anything less than the best, then hire Mr. Mazur directly.

Exclusive Access

This product is limited to 10 clients only at one time. Diamond Members receive access to Mr. Mazur via phone, email, chat, text, etc. at all times. Mr. Mazur represents the family and their loved one directly with providers, and makes sure everything is being done properly. This is an “all-inclusive” service.

Caring Completely’s Other Services

We are motivated by high quality, compassion based providers. All of our services revolve around that simple fact. Our services that we offer all compliment the search for a high quality care provider for your loved one. Whether it be private duty home care services, retirement living, or assisted living, you’re in good hands partnering with us either via our free services, or by going all out and becoming one of our members.

Why Choose Us

      • We work for you, not for a commission.
      • Our recommendations and advice comes directly from our experience.
      • Things happen all the time. Because of that, we offer access to us all the time.
      • We truly love seniors, and our lives are dedicated to making their lives better.
      • Many of our staff started as our members. They’ve been there!
      • We will fight for what is right in every situation, whether that’s a refund that’s owed to you or a company making promises that we know they can’t keep. We are your secret weapon.

What Client’s Say

There truly is something to be said for the support that this team provides! I have been living out of state for the last 2 years, and if not for Nathan and his team, I would have been much more worried about my Mother. He keeps up on everything for me and reports back consistently. Plus, my Mom loves him!
Cornell Williams
Without Nathan, Mom would have ended up in a nursing home. She’s 104 years old! The last thing we wanted to see was her in a nursing home. Nathan made it possible for Mom to live out her life in a comfortable place who treats her like gold.
Let me say something. Your staff is amazing. Your integrity is like none I’ve ever seen, and the fact is… you truly do love people! Having you on our side through this was like adding a family member who was experienced in the care business. I can’t place enough value on that! Thank you!
Judge Fred Mester